LEGENDHARRY TRAVELS is a Philippine-based travel and tour management outfit. We offer diverse tour packages that cover from the northernmost province of Batanes down to the southernmost province of Tawi Tawi. We can create a tour package that covers several regions, provinces, cities, and major islands in just one trip.

Why Visit The Philippines?

The Philippine Islands have varied travel destinations that provide limitless joys and unique experiences. At LEGENDHARRY TRAVELS, we enable people to have first-rate travel experiences based on our customized packages.

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Limunsudan Falls, Iligan City, Philippines

Chasing Philippine Waterfalls Project

The founder and tour director of LEGENDHARRY TRAVELS is a passionate waterfall chaser. Since he...

Camiguin Norte Island Whale Watching

From February to April of each year, whales and dolphins breed, feed and play in...
Maconacon Bay, Isabela, Philippines

Expedition Trip

One of the ancient civilizations in the pre-Spanish Philippine history is the boat-building, seafaring kingdom...
Anguib Beach, Cagayan, Philippines

Adventure Sports

At LEGENDHARRY TRAVELS, we provide different adrenaline-pumping activities that pull our guests out from their...
Miag-ao Church, Iloilo, Philippines

Culture and Heritage

The Philippines has a very rich culture and heritage. Even before the Spanish Colonial Era,...

Inter-Island Trip

At LEGENDHARRY TRAVELS, our travel adventures are not limited to the usual packaged tours. We...
The Mansion, Baguio City, Philippines

Road Trip

Our Road Trip Packages connect different provinces, cities, towns, and villages into one travel adventure...
Dicotcotan Beach, Isabela, Philippines

Camping Trip

One of the most sought-after tour packages that LEGENDHARRY TRAVELS offers is the Camping Trip....

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Take a peek of our schedule and join us in our pursuit of wonderful travel adventures. We have lined up several trips but if those dates do not fit your schedule, you can ask us a special trip at your convenience.

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