About Us

LEGENDHARRY TRAVELS is a Philippine-based travel and tour management outfit. We offer diverse tour packages that span from the northernmost province of Batanes down to the southernmost province of Tawi Tawi.

We customize tour packages based on the preferences, availability of time, activities, and budget of our clientele. In fact, we can create a tour package that covers several regions, provinces, cities, and major islands in just one trip.

Our activities are not limited to the usual rolling tours. Together with our partners, here are some of the activities that we do:

  • Land: sightseeing, mountain climbing, camping, caving, ATV, 4×4, zipline, canyoning, biking, museums, cultural exposure, fruit picking, farming, horseback riding, crafts, festivals
  • Water: chasing waterfalls, island hopping, white water rafting, kayaking, river tubing, torpedo boat, snorkeling, diving safari, expedition trip, parasailing, wake boarding, paddle boat, surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, river cruise, game fishing, cliff jumping
  • Sky: sky diving (tandem jump), ultra light flying, paragliding, hot air balloon